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Dr. William M. Bukowski

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Concordia University Research Chair in Psychology (Tier 1)
Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Science

Centre for Resesarch in Human Development


Dr. William M. Bukowski was born in Buffalo, New York where he went to primary and secondary school, and received a B.A. (Magna Cum Laude) in Psychology from Canisius College in 1976. His first job was as a mathematics teacher at the St. Labre School on the Northern Cheyenne Reserve in southeast Montana. He then went to graduate school at Michigan State University in East Lansing, where he earned an M.A. and then his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology with a minor in Clinical Psychology. After spending six productive years in the Psychology department at the University of Maine, Dr. Bukowski joined the Department of Psychology at Concordia in 1989 where he now holds the rank of Professor and is a member of the Centre for Research in Human Development.

Dr. Bukowski's research is in the area of social development. He is specifically concerned with the features and effects of peer relations during the school-age and early adolescent years. His work has examined age, sex, and cultural differences in the effects that experiences with peers have on behaviour, emotional well-being, and health.

During his active and productive career, Dr. Bukowski:

  • Has published over eighty-five articles and chapters in scholarly journals and books.
  • Won the Foundation for Child Development's Young Scholar Award (1984).
  • Has been awarded support for his research program through grants from the National Institutes of Mental Health in the United States, as well as from SSHRC, FCAR, FQRSC, and CIHR.
  • Has supervised nine M.A. students and eleven Ph.D. students.
  • Was selected to be part of the Faculty Scholars Program of the W.T. Grant Foundation (1988-1994).
  • Served as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Behavioral Development.
  • Was recognized as the most productive Canadian child psychologist during the 1990s by Byrnes & McNamara in Developmental Review.
  • Has co-authored and/or co-edited four books or volumes on child psychology, including Improving Competence across the Life Span and The Company They Keep: Friendship During Childhood and Adolescence. The latter book is credited as one of the best selling books on social development.
  • University Research Fellow for one year.


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