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Miranda D'Amico

Student Academic Services (SAS) deals with admissions, advising, and all other administrative tasks concerning the undergraduate students in the Faculty, as well as graduate student recruitment and admissions.

The office has undergraduate counsellors and a graduate admissions co-ordinator who are available to answer your questions and help you through your academic career. The office works closely with the departments to solve your academic issues.


The office is also responsible for supervising the General Education requirement, course scheduling, course capacities and enrolment management, new course and/or section additions, SIMS account approval, and grade approval.

The office organizes the annual Scholar’s Event, which recognizes the Faculty’s top students, as well as the Faculty’s participation in the University Open House in the Spring of each year and the Orientation Sessions run under the auspices of the Counselling and Development office.

The Associate Dean is also responsible for all complaints filed under the Academic Code of Conduct relating to undergraduate students.


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