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The Faculty is home to seven departments and two colleges that offer programs in the social sciences. Whether your passion is community development, environmental issues, politics, the economy or social issues, to list a few, the Faculty has something for everyone and anyone with interest in the social sciences.

Applied Human Sciences

Do you want to make a difference in communities, organizations, groups, families and relationships? You have come to the right place. The Department of Applied Human Sciences offers programs in human relations, therapeutic recreation, leisure sciences, family life education, community service and human systems intervention. Visit the Applied Human Sciences website.

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Are you interested in the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services? Economists provide essential knowledge for today’s business people and policymakers, who must constantly face decisions with economic dimensions, including the ups and downs of economic activity, interest rate volatility, budget deficits and the problems of continued economic growth. Graduates from Economics are in high demand in many fields, including financial analysis, banking, the public sector and administration. The Department of Economics aims to educate students in economics, both at the graduate and undergraduate level, and to contribute to the advancement of the discipline through research and teaching. Visit the Economics department website.


Do you want to share your thoughts and knowledge with others? Education is a broad and multidisciplinary field that serves not only teachers and schools, but also educational administrators, and daycare and human resources professionals, among others. The Department of Education is known as a leader in its field, both in terms of its research into teaching methods and in its ability to train and prepare future teachers for their role as educators. Visit the Education department website.

Geography, Planning and Environment

Are you curious about our impact on the environment? Are our growing populations and cities sustainable? Do you like both natural and social sciences? Do you like to gather and analyse data, look at maps, think about solutions and learn the most cutting edge computer graphic analytical techniques? Are you concerned about our fragile planet? If so, then geography and urban studies may be for you. Students graduating from our Human Environment, Environmental Geography, urban studies and Environmental Science programs have the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for a broad range of careers in the public, private and academic sectors. Visit the Geography, Planning and Environment department website.

Political Science

If you are interested in exploring the relationships between power, policy, theory and international relations then the Department of Political Science offers a challenging array of courses and research opportunities for you. Political Science is about much more than the study of governmental structure and process: it encompasses the study of social movements, international development, political violence, law, and many other crucial facets of contemporary life. Graduates have proceeded to work in such areas as public administration, education, law, journalism and political campaigning. Visit the Political Science department website.


The Department of Religion is dedicated to the academic study of the world's religious traditions and of social and cultural phenomena affected by religions. Whatever the student's special focus--ancient or contemporary, East or West, mysticism or ethics, ritual or philosophy--the informed appreciation of the beliefs and values of other cultures is an essential dimension of education for today's world. Visit the Religion department website.

School of Community and Public Affairs

Are you intrigued by the formulation and implementation of public policy in Quebec and Canada? The School of Community and Public Affairs offers a multidisciplinary program in public policy analysis. The School prepares its graduates to be knowledgeable participants in the policy making process in the private, public, and community sectors. Visit the School of Community and Public Affairs website.

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Simone de Beauvoir Institute

Do you want to learn more about women in society? The Simone de Beauvoir Institute offers a variety of exciting courses which explore the historical and contemporary aspects of women’s oppression and resistance. We examine how women have been excluded from public life, and what women have done to change things for the better—in both the public and private spheres. Our courses address local, national and global women’s issues, and different Selected Topics Courses offer insight and dialogue into the most recent debates in feminist scholarship and action. Visit the Simone de Beauvoir Institute website.

Sociology and Anthropology

Do you want to change the world? Faculty and students in our department of Sociology and Anthropology study how societies work, both in Canada and cross-culturally at undergraduate and graduate levels. Fields of study range from self and identity to large-scale research on globalization, human rights and development; in between are courses on gender and sexuality, crime and justice, conflict and power, regional studies and cyberspace. Check our list of courses – there is something for everyone! For career opportunities follow the department website link to ‘Student Advising’. View the Sociology and Anthropology department website.


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