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The Faculty is home to eight departments and three colleges that offer programs in the humanities. Whether you want to enhance your knowledge and understanding of who we are and where we have come from, of how we use language to express ourselves, of history and theology, to list a few, the Faculty has something for everyone and anyone who is passionate about the humanities.

Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Are you intrigued by the ancient world? Captivated by different languages? The Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics offers a unique opportunity to study one or more of seven disciplines. Whether your goal is to acquire a solid background in the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, to learn and strengthen skills in critical thinking, language proficiency, intercultural understanding, literary studies and contemporary approaches to modern languages and cultures or to garner in-depth understanding of linguistics as the scientific study of the human language faculty, the department has what you are looking for. Visit the CMLL department website.

Communication Studies

Does the role the mass media plays in society intrigue you? Are you interested in the way that issues in society and culture are talked about in public? The Department of Communication Studies offers undergraduate and graduate programs that explore a wide range of interests in media analysis, critique and creation of media and popular culture. Central to its programs of study is the integration of knowledge based in the humanities and liberal arts, the social sciences, and media practice. Visit the Communication Studies website.


Do you enjoy reading? Do you want to enrich your critical understanding of how language works and enhance your ability to express yourself? The Department of English offers students the opportunity to develop indispensable skills in communication, research and analysis in an atmosphere that combines scholarship with a serious commitment to undergraduate teaching. Visit the English department website.

Études françaises

Le Département d’études françaises est le seul au Canada qui réunisse trois volets fondamentaux des études langagières, soit la langue, la littérature et la traduction. Cette spécificité, garante de souplesse et d’originalité, lui permet de proposer une approche multidisciplinaire de la recherche. Par l’étude des textes littéraires, la maîtrise des langues et la capacité à théoriser, il favorise le dépassement intellectuel et encourage l’exploration du savoir. La formation rigoureuse qu’il offre aux étudiants les invite à s’interroger, à remettre en question la société et à apprendre à articuler leur pensée. Visit the Études françaises department website.

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Historians are detectives trying to understand what happened in the past. Studying history provides students training in problem-solving, research and writing. Such skills are valued both by graduate schools and employers in fields that range from law, to government service, to teaching, to curating museum exhibits and developing websites. With state-of-the-art multi-media facilities and a new generation of faculty, the Department of History is training inquisitive minds for the twenty-first century. Visit the History department website.


Are you curious about current affairs? Are you intrigued by the news? The Department of Journalism combines theory and practice in helping students to become knowledgeable and versatile journalists in print, radio, television and on-line media.. Production workshops emphasize real-life assignments and newsroom standards are universally applied. Complementing these courses are lectures and seminars which analyse the social and political contexts in which journalism is practised. Visit the Journalism department website.

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Liberal Arts College

Would you like to explore, through the Great Books program, the foundations and development of Western civilization and culture? The Liberal Arts College, a small community of fellows and students, provides a unique liberal arts emphasis within the Faculty of Arts and Science. Built on a core of eight courses (with Major, Minor and Honours options), the multidisciplinary, textually-disciplined curriculum is designed to guide students in exploring who we are and where we have come. Visit the Liberal Arts College website.

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Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability

Would you like to expand your knowledge of how individuals and society can operate more consciously in a global context of increased inter-cultural contact? Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability is an interdisciplinary college within the faculty of Arts and Science that provides students with an opportunity to delve into some of the most complex and challenging issues facing humankind in the 21st century from a global, multicultural perspective. Visit the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability website.

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Are you searching for a deeper understanding of the world and of your place in it? The Department of Philosophy can help you embark on a journey through an intellectual voyage that will challenge and change the way you think about all sorts of issues. It is a source of great insight into some of the world’s most serious problems. An undergraduate degree is the stepping stone to a wide variety of careers, including law, public service and business administration. Visit the Philosophy department website.

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School of Canadian Irish Studies

Are you fascinated by the history and culture of Ireland and the Irish experience abroad, especially in Canada and Quebec? Would you like to explore issues related to: Colonialism, Cultural Nationalism, Famine, Linguistic Preservation, Rebellion and Independence, Dual Sectarian Traditions, Emigration and Diaspora? The School of Canadian Irish Studies offers students opportunities to become familiar with Ireland’s complex history and rich cultural traditions, at home and abroad; appreciate their own specific areas of study by understanding the issues stemming from Ireland’s role at the centre of British and European history for more than four hundred years; take courses in History, Literature, Music, Film, Theatre, Irish Language, Geography, Political Science, Women’s Studies and Art; and study in Ireland. Visit the School of Canadian Irish Studies website.

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Theological Studies

Do you want to know more about the Bible and its interpretation through history? Are you interested in how a religious tradition responds to 21st century challenges or how contemporary questions challenge and transform religious faith? The Department of Theological Studies is dedicated to research and teaching in both classical and contemporary theology as it intersects with culture, the social sciences and other humanities. We investigate specific historical, textual and interdisciplinary issues that pertain to ultimate meaning in the monotheistic traditions. Our department constitutes two distinct yet interrelated areas of theology: 1) scholarly research into the formation, reception and interpretation of scripture; and 2) interdisciplinary discourse in ethics, the sciences, inter-religious dialogue, as well as religion and politics. Visit the Theology department website.

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