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Some of the most important learning happens in intimate settings where students and teachers can gather in their own space to exchange and learn, and to organize and take part in special interest seminars and guest lectures.

Concordia University’s Faculty of Arts and Science has three colleges, two schools and one institute: six outstanding units that prove that good things do come in small packages.

Liberal Arts College

Would you like to explore, through the Great Books program, the foundations and development of Western civilization and culture? The Liberal Arts College, a small community of fellows and students, provides a unique liberal arts emphasis within the Faculty of Arts and Science. Built on a core of eight courses (with Major, Minor and Honours options), the multidisciplinary, textually-disciplined curriculum is designed to guide students in exploring who we are and where we have come. Visit the Liberal Arts College website.

Liberal Arts College on Facebook

Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability

Would you like to expand your knowledge of how individuals and society can operate more consciously in a global context of increased inter-cultural contact? Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability is an interdisciplinary college within the faculty of Arts and Science that provides students with an opportunity to delve into some of the most complex and challenging issues facing humankind in the 21st century from a global, multicultural perspective. Visit the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability website.

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School of Canadian Irish Studies

Are you fascinated by the history and culture of Ireland and the Irish experience abroad, especially in Canada and Quebec? Would you like to explore issues related to: Colonialism, Postcolonialism, Cultural Nationalism, Famine, Linguistic Preservation, Dual Religious and Linguistic Traditions, Violent Rebellion, National Independence, Sectarian Violence, Conflict Resolution, Emigration, Diaspora Studies and Economic Transformation? Canadian Irish Studies is an interdisciplinary program of the Faculty of Arts and Science. Courses with Irish content are offered through a variety of departments and given a special Canadian Irish Studies designation. There are two ways to enroll in the program: a Minor in Canadian Irish Studies, or a Certificate in Canadian Irish Studies. Visit the School of Canadian Irish Studies website.

School of Canadian Irish Studies on Facebook

School of Community and Public Affairs

Are you intrigued by the formulation and implementation of public policy in Quebec and Canada? The School of Community and Public Affairs offers a multidisciplinary program in public policy analysis. The School prepares its graduates to be knowledgeable participants in the policy making process in the private, public, and community sectors. Visit the School of Community and Public Affairs website.

School of Community and Public Affairs Facebook group

Science College

Would you like to prepare for a life of research, teaching or some similarly demanding intellectual pursuit in a profession in the sciences? Science College prepares students enrolled in one of Concordia’s science programs for these kinds of careers in the sciences. The academic program of the College complements the regular undergraduate curriculum and includes cross disciplinary courses and student participation in ongoing laboratory research activities right from the first year of study. Visit the Science College website.

Simone de Beauvoir Institute

Do you want to learn more about women in society? The Simone de Beauvoir Institute offers a variety of exciting courses which explore the historical and contemporary aspects of women’s oppression and resistance. We examine how women have been excluded from public life, and what women have done to change things for the better—in both the public and private spheres. Our courses address local, national and global women’s issues, and different Selected Topics Courses offer insight and dialogue into the most recent debates in feminist scholarship and action. Visit the Simone de Beauvoir Institute website.


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